Nova Scotia Consortium

Amherst, Bridgewater, Halifax Region, Truro, New Glasgow, Sydney, Yarmouth

Greetings and welcome to your member's page!

How quickly a year has come and gone and what a pleasure it has been to reconnect with some and forge new connections with others in the manufacturing community here in Nova Scotia.

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of seeing how the manufacturing community in Nova Scotia and beyond come together to share best practices and the pitfalls they experienced in the getting there. Members sharing the whole story, the good to great or from terrible to better is powerful stuff.  

I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to contribute to the vibrant, diverse and dynamic manufacturing community in Nova Scotia and encourage all manufacturers to continue to share and grow together.

I am only a phone call or email away. Please do not hesitate to reach-out with your inquiries, SIG event ideas or questions you would like posed to our local members. Please see below for an outline of upcoming events being help throughout Nova Scotia. Additional details will be posted as the schedule is refined throughout the year.

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