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2020 is almost over and what have we learned? A LOT! We know that when borders shut, supply lines falter and staff can’t physically come to work that your teams will come together and solve the problems presented to them. EMC listened to understand what your priority was. Note, I said priority not priorities. What your priority was, was the safety of your people. People came first, then we worked on operational considerations. News, policies, and procedural constraints changed almost daily for 4 months and you responded. By August there was a decided shift, the sector was no longer in a triage mode. Manufacturers here in Nova Scotia understood how to operate safely. There were no COVID19 cases reported spread by any manufacturing facility in our province. This is directly related to your response to the pandemic, your policies and your follow through. A job well done; I am so proud to be part of the manufacturing ecosystem in Atlantic Canada.

Over the year members and invited guest took part in over 25 local SIG and RAMP events including our first ever Atlantic Canada Leadership Conference. We have continued offering training opportunities to  upskill member organizations to ensure that we have the skills needed to be successful long-term. Over 150 people have participated in programs focused on essential and lean/productivity skills.

By the end of the year the focus has shifted to how to leverage the opportunities presented by shifts in customer demand as well as stimulus programs offered by government. There has been tremendous uptake in learning and development activities as well as a shift in leaderships openness to operate differently long-term.

2021 will be another year of rapid change. We learned this year that as a sector we can modify, adapt and overcome at a pace that we collectively never thought possible. The members of the Nova Scotia consortium shared regularly and showed a tremendous appetite for innovative problem solving.

Thank you all for allowing to be a small part of your success.

Wishing you all the best for holiday season.


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