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                  The summer months have come and gone in a flash and kids are back to school. We are poised and ready to pivot once again should the need arise. Regardless if the need is driven by another wave of COVID19, change is inevitable. Our ability as a sector to respond with confidence because we have the data to drive decisions keeps us ahead of the curve. We have moved passed the triage state of Q2, we have the processes in place to keep our staff safe in our workplaces and have learned so much that we must not forget. From a leading change perspective, we are riding through the perfect storm. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that we had to change how we interacted with one another and the need for quick decision making. We learned that it was OK not to have all the answers, to say” I don’t know” and “we need some help”. We must capture our learnings and nurture the new skills and confidence of our teams so they will remain responsive, proactive, and productive despite the uncertainties surrounding us all.

The fall schedule is built to enhance your teams’ ability to successfully drive decisions using data and enhanced communication tools. We will also be looking to the future and how we can be better prepared to adopt new technology and understand how COVID19 has changed our business landscape.

I look forward to continuing to serve the sector and am excited to see how we continue to modify, adapt and overcome.

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