New Brunswick Consortium

Fredericton, Miramichi, Moncton, Saint Stephen, Saint John, Carleton

Dear New Brunswick Consortium members,

I consider myself fortunate to work for New Brunswick companies as part of the overall Canadian Excellence in Manufacturing Membership.

As a member of EMC, you are connected to a network of manufacturers and knowledge across Canada and many extensively use this resource to support business and the people / roles within them. We at EMC work daily to be that bridge and connector to the resources you require.

Our core activity remains unchanged; to bring those within organizations together with their peers for the purpose of network / relationship building, professional development, and benchmarking. An opportunity to see a new take on an existing challenge and to use this network when EMC is not in the room.

It is this core activity that morphs into all initiatives, training and value added programs through relationships with vetted and trusted subject matter experts, and our valued government and community partners. Our goal is in no way to take the place of any organization and the good work they do but to work in a complimentary way that benefits manufacturing organizations and the growth of the sector.

During this time of COVID we continue to support you in your challenges and be a valuable resource. Networking, in some format, continues. What an important time to be connected.

Your Field representatives, myself and my colleagues across Canada, are there as an extension of your in-house staff and are committed to being at your service.

The activity of each regional consortium is driven by you, the members so input is critical. I will continue to work on your behalf to bring relevant value.

If you are not currently a member of EMC and would like to be involved, reach out for a discussion to better understand the value and see if it is a fit for your organization. I'd love to hear from you!


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