Newfoundland Consortium

Welcome Newfoundland Manufacturers!

Through this past year, as we managed our way through the challenges of the Pandemic, sustaining and growth, it has been a pleasure to welcome participants from NL manufacturing companies into our activity. The beauty of our virtual current state allows for engagement regardless of location.

Because there has been such involvement, EMC will now dedicate effort toward supporting NL manufacturers and growing on the ground activity, in the same way we do across the rest of Canada.

We look forward to your future involvement in activity that is driven by you, for you. This will include peer networking opportunities, best practice sharing, subject matter expertise where required and a connection to the greater National network of peer knowledge.

As we move into a time where travel is allowed, I will be in touch and begin the process of in person peer networking representing various levels of the organization. In the meantime, I invite you to visit our events calendar at and would welcome your participation in sessions that can provide value for you and your team.

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