Newfoundland Consortium

Here we sit at the end of yet another year that didn’t look a whole lot different than the year before. Although things are not quite back to normal, we have been able to enjoy phases of in-person activity to compliment the many virtual offerings both locally and nationally.

Was it a year of progress and growth: it absolutely was with continued relationship development with members, community partners and subject matter experts, membership growth, and engaged participation in all aspects of EMC resources.

One of the highlights of the year was to be able to support companies, with the assistance of ACOA, through a recovery and growth stage. We hope to continue in this type of activity throughout the coming year. We have been thrilled to offer manufacturers in your region various resources, including the Wilworks Post Secondary coop placement rebate and equally as pleased to see organizations take advantage of the opportunities.

Moving into 2022 we will continue to provide Virtual networking opportunities that reflect your needs and input as a stepping stone to our final goal of on the ground activity.

Whether it be networking, initiatives, or programs, we will continue to listen and ensure that all activity is a result of your feedback.

All my best to you and yours for a safe and Happy Holiday season!

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