EMC Member, GN Thermoforming Equipment Marks Milestone as Leading Global Machine Manufacturer

By Glenn Durnford – December 13, 2011
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Nova Scotia manufacturer of world class plastics processing equipment and active EMC member, GN Thermoforming Equipment recently celebrated their 30th year in business.

Based in Chester Nova Scotia, GN Thermoforming Equipment is proudly celebrating its 30th anniversary as a leading global manufacturer of Servo-Driven, Roll-Fed Thermoforming Machines for the production of food packaging. Today, the company has remained true to its original business philosophy of developing innovative machinery and seeking out export markets for its unique products.

"The company is immensely proud of working with many of its customers on a long-term basis," said Jerome Romkey,MarketingManager for GN. "This is a tribute to our leadership role in the Thermoforming Industry and our targeted focus on new products and strong customer service."

From the beginning, GN Thermoforming Equipment has been an export-driven company, recognizing quickly that more stable sales growth could be achieved by selling into various markets, thus minimizing the impact of regional economic slowdowns.  "We quickly embraced the export business and became very good at it," said Jerome. At the outset, GN focused on the U.S., Mexico, U.K. and Russia and today, it derives more than 90% of its business from exports all over the world.

GN started out in 1981 as a manufacturer of Contact-Heat Machinery and in 2000 made an entry into Radiant-Heat Plug-Assist Equipment to spur future growth. The company, whose workforce has grown from six employees to over 100, has enjoyed significant and steady growth over the past 30 years. Products have been exported to 66 countries and over 1200 thermoformers have been installed worldwide.


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                                                              Examples of GN Thermoforming equipment.     

It all started in Vienna where Georg Nemeskéri, still in his teens, began experimenting with form and structure and the early stages of building thermoforming machinery in his father's factory.  After pursuing his interest and studying in mechanical engineering, Georg immigrated to Chester, Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada to start a new venture, Chester Plastics, and process thermoformed packaging products.   In 1981, Georg started another company, GN, in order to provide high quality Pressure Forming Machinery for the Plastics Industry.  Over the course of the past 30 years, he has further expanded the business to meet the growing demand of other consumer product manufacturers. Chester Plastics was eventually sold in 2001.

 Headquartered in Chester, GN established GN Europe in 2004, a Sales & Service division which is operates from the Czech Republic. An extensive network of 22 manufacturers' representatives is also strategically located throughout the world.

GN's full range of Contact-Heat Cut-In-Place Thermoformers meets the demands of both small and large volume applications. They are all ideally suited to produce high-quality food packaging from a range of materials including OPS, PVC, HIPS, PET, PP, and a range of bio-based materials including PLA.

A global network of sales and technical service personnel support OEMs and processors that produce plastic packaging for the bakery and confectionery markets. Key applications include clamshells, cake domes and bases, margarine tubs, muffin and cookie trays, egg trays, cups, yogurt containers, and other food containers. Other more limited uses include trays for the medical/pharmaceutical industry and blister packaging for the industrial market.

Congratulations to Georg and the team at GN for this great accomplishment from your local EMC Consortium and everyone at EMC. Well Done!

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