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After almost 12 months the new rules for the Feed In Tariff (FIT) have been released. There are some significant changes to the program both in terms of the economics for the project and the process for applying.

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The McGuinty government celebrates envirnomental excellence by introducing a new award recognizing local green achievement, leadership and innovation.

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Green/Sustainability - The Bigger Picture

By Stephanie Yakimishyn

This is about getting an understanding for just how big the Green/Sustainability concept is and where it fits in your business. There is so much information, so many newsletters and websites, etc. out there that (if you are like me) one needs to take a moment and look at the big picture first.

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Green/Sustainability - Now There's a Huge Topic!

By Stephanie Yakimishyn – 3 Comments

This is my first blog for EMC on this topic. Let me state right up front that I am a novice when it comes to Green and Sustainability and what that means to our members. However, I have decided to learn more about it and document what I learn as I go along.

Some of you will be miles ahead of me re: your knowledge around these issues and others will not be much further along than I am.

I welcome any and all comments...

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