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(Mentor Works, the Government Funding Planners) Ontario's upcoming Cap and Trade legislation coming into effect in 2017 will require manufacturers will need to invest in clean, energy-efficient machinery. CME SMART Green grants provide up to $200,000 per facility to perform assessment audits and purchase, install, and train employees on new equipment.

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We are Proud to Partner in EMC Protects....

By George McCarter

It is with great pleasure that I begin my first communication with the EMC Community. EMC Protects, is a result of the newest partnership between EMC and Jones Brown. Over the past 3 years, I have worked closely with Al Diggins and his team to fully understand the EMC culture and purpose to provide exceptional value to the EMC members. The result is a truly unique relationship which will further enhance the value of EMC membership.

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The IESO Conservation Fund awards government grants to manufacturers reducing energy use during peak demand hours. This may occur through efficiency projects or by shifting demand to off-peak times. Projects relating to these two themes may be eligible for up to $100k-$1M in non-repayable Ontario government funding.

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