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The Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation (SONAMI) is a collaborative research and development program that enables manufacturers to develop and commercialize new products or processes with funding and support from post-secondary institutions.

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As we wrote in January, recent changes to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (the “ESA”) under Bill 148 included a new method for calculating Public Holiday Pay. However, after widespread criticism from employers, the Ontario government announced Monday that it would be conducting a review of the Public Holiday Pay system.


More and more Canadian manufacturers are looking at international markets as a way to grow their business. They want to work with a global leader and minimize their exposure in foreign markets. Recent financial challenges highlighted the inherent risks of doing business in an international market place. As Canadian manufacturers increase their supply chain and customer base globally, the need to manage currency exposure is becoming an integral part of day-to-day business.

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Canadian manufacturers can access government funding to reduce the costs of trade show participation by up to 50%. Here’s where to exhibit.

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Employers need some good news these days, with rising minimum wages, employee-friendly changes to many employment standards, and let’s not even mention the stock market. So I’m happy to share the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal in Nemeth v. Hatch Ltd. in which a very simple termination provision was upheld.

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Canada’s 2018 Federal Budget identified several priorities which will receive support over the next five years. Many of the government’s business funding programs are set to be consolidated into funding “suites”, but will be given increased funding to award innovative, high-growth businesses.

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EMC Direct & Staples Business Advantage

By Jason Bates


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How to Avoid Triskaidekaphobia!

By Cori Hanna

With Friday the 13th only days away, many people suffer from a fear of sorts as it relates to the 13th, a phobia referred to as triskaidekaphobia.

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Congratulations Winter 2018 EMC - Harvard Supervisory Certificate Program Graduates!!
Another successful Program session was experienced by all who participated in the EMC - Harvard Supervisory Certificate Program Winter 2018 session. This certification continues to make such a positive difference in career paths, day-to-day responsibilities and will contribute to the success of many participating companies! (EMC) Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium is excited about the opportunity to assist future participants and manufacturers in 2018.

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