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Is your organization a learning organization?

By Laura Gibson – 1 Comment

I’m currently completing my Masters in Adult Education through the University of Toronto. The course I’m currently finishing is “Creating a Learning Organization”. This course focused a lot on the work of Peter Senge and his vision of the learning organization. I wanted to take the time to use my blog to share some of what I’ve learned as I think it relate to our EMC members.

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2010-In with a Limp and out in a Sprint

By Tim Smith

I may be biased because I live in Guelph but it sure seems like this area had a larger hill to climb than other centres as we crawl out of a recession. The good news is that for all of the bad news of 2009 there were A LOT of great news stories in the Guelph Area in 2010!

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As we look at the last year in KW/Cambridge we see a wide variety of hosts for our SIGs from J.D. Sweid to Metakote and Dalsa to Ontario Drive and Gear (gear division)....but you know what amazes me is how similar so many of the operations and challenges are.

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