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5S: The Elusive Sustainment of Perfection!

By Mike Baker

"5 S" is one of the foundational tools of the Toyota Production System that all manufacturers need to adopt to drive out waste and sustain productivity gains and an engaged culture. So why is the fifth S: "Sustain" the hardest part? Why do even the most (apparently) sophisticated companies with innovation continue to wrestle with 5S? If Waterloo Region manufacturing is the "hub" of innovation, why is it that so few manufacturers have really "nailed" 5S?

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March 11th was a busy day at Innovative Steam Technologies in Cambridge! Close to 100 Waterloo Region EMC Member manufacturing professionals participated over the course of the day in face-to-face networking events!

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Feb 11th, 2009 started in the fog before 6:30 am trying to see our way down the highway, but it did not hinder participation in the monthly EMC events hosted by Ontario Drive & Gear (ODG) in New Hamburg.

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