Waterloo Region Manufacturers Kick off 2010 Hosted by Precision Resource

By Mike Baker – January 18, 2010
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Over 80 manufacturing professionals participated in 4 Strategic Interest Groups hosted by Precision Resource in Cambridge. As new members to EMC, Precision Resource has embraced the forum to network and benchmark with other manufacturers in the community to maintain their level of world-class products and services. Kudos to Precision Resource! If you are a manufacturer and would like more information on these events, please contact Mike Baker, EMC Sr. Field Service Advisor:

Sr Managers
: Precision Resource (PR) Division Manager, Kaveh Vafaei, hosted this networking session for senior leaders of other manufacturers in the region. Kaveh provided an overview of the PR business model and outlined their core competencies in fine-blanking and other value added products and their various market niches. This was followed by a tour and a debrief discussion with feedback to the host, and a roundtable on business strategies that leaders are embracing to facilitate growth for 2010. Some themes from this discussion included:

  • Strategies for re-integrating outsourced product
  • Employee productivity measurements
  • Metric strategies
  • Communication strategies
  • Inventory controls
  • Pricing strategies


  • Visual management strategies
  • Milestones for metrics
  • Employee involvement strategies
  • New ERP system integration strategies
  • Forecasting efficiencies
  • Ergonomic opportunities

Continuous Improvement:  This is the SIG forum where the host provides a Continuous Improvement problem for the group to solve. Following a tour and a review of the problem, the group reviews Lean Principles and breaks out into brainstorming groups. Each group reports back recommended suggestions to the host.

Precision Resource had 35 manufacturing professionals available to help them with their problem:

"Improving Overall Equipment Efficiency" (OEE)

Background: Precision Resource is a manufacturer of Automotive components using a technology called "Fineblanking". This is a high volume metal forming and extremely accurate method primarily used to manufacture safety and high reliability components.

Context: The plant currently has excess press capacity and meets customer demand without any issues. However, the excess capacity creates a false sense of efficiency. The company is implementing OEE as a metric to gauge the efficiency of the press machines.

CI Problem Exercise for the group:  Analyze available data and brainstorm methods and procedures that will improve OEE on the fine-blanking presses.

Precision Resource was provided with a long list of suggestions for their problem.  For details of this discussion, please contact Mike Baker at EMC.

Health & Safety: Laura Rourke, EMC's newest edition to the WSIB Safety group team, provided a presentation on Hazard Recognition followed by open discussion between the manufacturing Health & Safety professionals present. Members shared and discussed strategies in deploying hazard recognition behavior and mindset within their cultures. For details of this discussion, please see the K-W consortium page for the presentation!

Human Resources: The HR SIG topic addressed HR strategies to Support Supervisors. The topic of supervisor competency and strategies to develop this leadership in our companies is becoming increasingly important, and an ongoing challenge. The HR group was asked:

  •  What is your company currently doing to support supervisors in your workplace? What is unique about your company's efforts in this area?
  • What challenges have you experienced supporting your supervisors in the past? What strategies did you put in place?  Are they working?
  • What is your company doing to encourage others to "step up" to the role of supervisor? How are you developing this resource in your employee group?
  • If you could change or improve how you are supporting supervisors, what would you change?

 Lengthy benchmarking discussions ensued….for details of this discussion,  please contact Mike Baker of EMC.

Yours in Networking,

Mike Baker, EMC





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