KW/Cambridge starts 2012 with event focussed on Ergonomics and Succession Planning

By Laura Gibson – January 13, 2012
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2012 started with a great event and networking discussion about succession planning and ergonomics for the aging workforce.

Two great groups and two great discussions started off 2012!

At our first SIG, Jen McGillis from Ergo Inc spoke on behalf of EMC's 360° EHS Initiative. She discussed the challenges of an aging workforce and Ergonomics.  Jen presented topical information and gave us lots of time to ask questions and discuss challenges currently facing manufacturers.

Some things we discussed included:

  • Getting employees to report when they have discomfort, rather than when they require medical attention-the earlier you are aware of an ergonomic issue, the sooner you can adapt the work station
  • Do you have an MSD prevention strategy?  If not, you should!

Jen's full presentation is available for download in pdf. 

Our second event focussed on the challenge of succession plans. A well-developed succession plan increases the retention of good employees because they recognize that time and attention are being invested in them for the purpose of career and skill development. A working succession plan also results in having more than one good person available for a key job.

Some of the questions we discussed included:

  • Do you currently have a succession plan in your organization?
  • What key skills do you lack in your organization that you need to focus on?
  • Who is involved in the succession planning for your organization?

 Some of the comments or items that were discussed included:

  • How do you plan for succession if people aren't loyal to your company?
  • How do you maintain cross trained skills?
  • Do you pay for skills or pay a standard rate across the plant?

  Thanks again to Trillium Metal Stamping for being a great host!

 For more information on the KW/Cambridge SIGs and other consortium activities please email me or contact me at 226-388-3894.


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