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The hot topic for requests for Private In-house sessions has been our 2 day 'Lean Leadership'. Companies are recognizing they need to get the buy in from their key players if they are going to be successul in doing any Continuous Improvement. The other hot topic has been requests for customizing our 1 day 'Trust, Teamwork and High Performance'.

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In an effort to enhance and better meet the training needs of our clients and members, Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) has started a process to identify such needs through this questionnaire.
This survey will provide us with your feedback on the current training offerings EMC provides and to identify needs, specific training requirements and preferred delivery methodology.

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The Elusive High Performance Team

By Chad Metcalf – 1 Comment

It's not easy to bring a team up to the level of High Performance but starting with a good foundation of Trust is always key.

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Happy Holidays Everyone

By Todd Oliver

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Great courses, great value!

By Todd Oliver

EMC's Learning Centre is very pleased to offer one-year access to all WebWSIT (Sundown) Health & Safety Courses for just $50 per seat!

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Putting the 'Management' in Attendance Management does pay off!
This is what I've heard from a number of EMC members that have participated in our EMC Attendance Management workshops I have been fortunate to facilitate since 2000.

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Amy Edwards and I would like to thank all of our Learning Centre customers and vendors for another great year of training!

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One of the persistent beliefs in many unionized plants is that just because you’ve done something one way in the past, it’s “past practice” and can’t be changed. In this article, George Raine, creator of EMC’s new course Collective Agreements and You, looks at this past practice argument to see if it’s myth or reality...

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Culture Forming Practices

By George Raine

George Raine of Montana HR discusses how to get people to step out of their comfort zone to adopt the behaviors required in order to meet new high standards. What is required is to think differently about your organization. He throws out the conventional approach that focuses on “buy-in” and demonstrates the power of a practice-based approach to change how people think about their workplace. He calls that approach, Culture Forming Practices.

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