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Effective Leaders Have a Coach

By Cindy Stradling

It’s not uncommon for young leaders to make certain to have a mentor to help guide them through some of the new challenges of leadership. As leaders mature, however, they are more likely to be mentoring others rather than having a mentor of their own. However, at any stage in leadership, it is valuable to have a mentor or coach to whom you can turn to help you develop even further.

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You’ve got to “Lean” into it

By Cori Hanna

Tis the season for shovelling snow and if you’re like most Canadians, you’ve likely already had your fair share by now. Moving snow from walkways and driveways, can often seem like a chore, however if you have the right tools (a good solid shovel); allocate enough time (to avoid rushing); and you choose the right approach (bending with your knees and not your back), snow can be moved efficiently and without incident.

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