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We thought you should know about the 2014 fall public events being offered to all manufacturers in the Maritimes by our friends at Montana HR. If any of these are of interest to you, fire me off an email and we will be happy to introduce you to George Raine!

Thanks Todd

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Applying 'Lean Thinking' to processes in the workplace is necessary to reduce waste which when translated into dollars can mean the difference of keeping your customers happy who are constantly squeezing you for price reductions. Lean saves time and makes work & your personal life so much easier. There are lots of examples of Continuous Improvement (CI) our members are doing that they don't label as CI or Lean - it is just common sense and I have seen hundreds of examples in my 14 years here at EMC. Call me if you ever want to chat about Lean / CI. But, please don't ask if you can come along with us to Tennis Canada. Thanks to Cori Hanna here at EMC for pushing me to do this blog.

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