My much ‘Kneeded Lean / Continuous Improvement Journey’.

By Todd Oliver – December 14, 2015
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Anyone who has a conversation with me in my 15 years at EMC knows, I am a strong supporter of applying 'Lean Thinking / Continuous Improvement (CI)’ to every process in the workplace as well as at home to reduce waste. The value of spoiled product (re-workable or not) is bad enough, adding the value of wasted time is painful and expensive.
I have said many times, ‘Applying Lean / CI’ has a huge impact on your customer relations. Delivering your customer their order on time is the key to success. Lean / CI saves time and makes life at work & home so much easier. This year has been very busy for our preferred vendor in Ontario and the Maritimes as we have seen a large increase with our valued EMC Members moving forward with their training & coaching / mentoring initiatives. Call me if you ever want to chat about Lean / CI.


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Todd Oliver

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EMC’s Director of Program Delivery, Todd is responsible for overseeing EMC’s Learning Centre initiatives, including delivery of all training, coaching and mentoring programs. Todd joined EMC’s team…


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