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Effective Leaders Have a Coach

By Cindy Stradling

It’s not uncommon for young leaders to make certain to have a mentor to help guide them through some of the new challenges of leadership. As leaders mature, however, they are more likely to be mentoring others rather than having a mentor of their own. However, at any stage in leadership, it is valuable to have a mentor or coach to whom you can turn to help you develop even further.

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You’ve got to “Lean” into it

By Cori Hanna

Tis the season for shovelling snow and if you’re like most Canadians, you’ve likely already had your fair share by now. Moving snow from walkways and driveways, can often seem like a chore, however if you have the right tools (a good solid shovel); allocate enough time (to avoid rushing); and you choose the right approach (bending with your knees and not your back), snow can be moved efficiently and without incident.

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Supervisor, Health Safety and the Law

By Amy Edwards

WSIB WorkWell audit section 2.1(c) and 6.1(h) both require the employer to demonstrate that they have provided training to supervisors. This 8 hour course is recommended training for Supervisors, Managers, Safety Representatives, and meets the training standards as described in Ontario Regulation 297/13

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

By Todd Oliver – 1 Comment

EMC's Learning Centre (Amy Edwards & myself), wish you a very happy & safe festive holiday with your family and friends. Another fantastic year is coming to an end and that means Christmas is here again.

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Many companies that we talk to about using lean principles ask why it is so important to understand the current state well before moving on. They ask, “Can’t I just envision what I want the future state to look like?” The answer is no. Envisioning the future state of a product family is an activity that will lead to more ‘drive-by’ kaizen that will likely have no direct effect to the bottom line or to business objectives.

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Anyone who has a conversation with me in my 15 years at EMC knows, I am a strong supporter of applying 'Lean Thinking / Continuous Improvement (CI)’ to every process in the workplace as well as at home to reduce waste. The value of spoiled product (re-workable or not) is bad enough, adding the value of wasted time is painful and expensive.
I have said many times, ‘Applying Lean / CI’ has a huge impact on your customer relations. Delivering your customer their order on time is the key to success. Lean / CI saves time and makes life at work & home so much easier. This year has been very busy for our preferred vendor in Ontario and the Maritimes as we have seen a large increase with our valued EMC Members moving forward with their training & coaching / mentoring initiatives. Call me if you ever want to chat about Lean / CI.

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Goodbye to another great year!

By Amy Edwards

It has been another fabulous year here at the Learning Centre!

Todd and myself would like to finish the 2014 year with a BIG thank all of our hosts this year who have opened up their facilities to us and other companies who participated in our public events.

Also a thank all of the participants who have attended public training events and those that have brought the facilitators into their facility for a private in-house session and/or coaching and mentoring.

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We thought you should know about the 2014 fall public events being offered to all manufacturers in the Maritimes by our friends at Montana HR. If any of these are of interest to you, fire me off an email and we will be happy to introduce you to George Raine!

Thanks Todd

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Applying 'Lean Thinking' to processes in the workplace is necessary to reduce waste which when translated into dollars can mean the difference of keeping your customers happy who are constantly squeezing you for price reductions. Lean saves time and makes work & your personal life so much easier. There are lots of examples of Continuous Improvement (CI) our members are doing that they don't label as CI or Lean - it is just common sense and I have seen hundreds of examples in my 14 years here at EMC. Call me if you ever want to chat about Lean / CI. But, please don't ask if you can come along with us to Tennis Canada. Thanks to Cori Hanna here at EMC for pushing me to do this blog.

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EMC Learning Centre Year in Review

By Amy Edwards

Another great year has disappeared here at EMC’s Learning Centre and we would like to thank all of the participants that have attended public training events and those that have brought the facilitators into their facility for a private in-house session and/or consulting session. We would also like to thank our wonderful vendors for providing the top quality training and mentoring this year.

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