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Focus Workplace Limited is changing names. Due to the sale of another division, we will be changing the name of the company to Apex Occupational Health Solutions Inc. This will take place over the first half of 2014. All of the people and services will remain the same. Please contact Anne Graham or Glen Brannen if you have any questions.

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Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium is partnering with the MInistry of Labour in a series of events to help small manufacturers understand and meet their legal obligations.

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It appears WSIB has stepped up revenue audits recently with the goal of confirming the status of Executive Officers. The result for many companies is a reassessment of payroll and receipt of hefty retroactive bills. Read on to learn how you can use WSIAT's 'controlling mind' criteria to push back.

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MOL: Small Manufacturing Initiative

By Laura Rourke

EMC is pleased to announce a series of sessions with the Ontario Ministry of Labour. The Ministry would like to help small manufacturers by providing additional guidance and support materials so that they can successfully implement their health and safety legal requirements.

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