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Using a vertical mouse – the Ergonomic benefits
It’s very easy to get caught up in what you are doing on the computer and forget to take a break. With a standard mouse, prolonged use can cause forearm, elbow and wrist discomfort in some users.
The natural resting position of the hand wrist and forearm is a ‘thumbs-up’ position. Using a standard flat mouse requires forearm muscle effort to rotate the wrist into a palm down position (pronation). To allow pronation of the hand and wrist, the two forearm bones have to pivot on the elbow effectively closing or tightening the joint space.

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Calling All WSIB Return to Work Managers

By George Kairys – 2 Comments

Meaningful and sustainable. These are terms that can thwart the best laid return to work plans. Do you know the criteria WSIAT uses?

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