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Helping You Manage the Heat

By Laura Rourke

Just in time for summer, the Ministry of Labour has updated its Heat Stress resources.

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New Ministry of Labour Mandatory Poster

By Laura Rourke

The Ministry of Labour has released the "Health & Safety at Work - Prevention Starts Here" poster which must be posted in all workplaces. Enforcement will begin in October of this year.

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We have had many questions regarding the importance of performing Lung Function Tests as part of a Respirator Fit Program. The following are excerpts from the Health and Safety Act and NIOSH. This should clarify any doubts about the how to properly perform Respirator Fit Testing.

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As we move toward the end of 2011, we enter the era of LEED® Canada-NC 2009. For Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and more specifically, EQ Credit 3.2: Construction IAQ Management Plan: Testing Before Occupancy, this means a few important changes that can benefit the LEED buildings they apply to and the occupants who will breathe life into them.

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The Ministry of labour has posted the draft workbook for Supervisors on line for your review and comment.

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