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Ministry of Labour Blitz on MSDs in February

By Marnie Downey

In February, the Ministry of Labour will be conducting a month-long blitz on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace. The MSD blitz will concentrate on manual material handling, especially in the industrial, construction, mining, and health care sectors.

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Due to the fact that all answers to the feedback survey are submitted anonymously, answers to the questions that were under "comment" sections, have been addressed here.

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Safety Leader of the Year for 2011

By Amanda Doman

EMC would like to congratulate Hugh Le on achieving the Safety Leader of the Year for 2011.

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Corporate Audits can now be used in place of the WSIB HSMS audit

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The MOL has posted some material for comments before they are formally implemented.

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The EAP released a report and recommendations to the Minister of Labour which was posted on the MoL website December 16, 2011. The MoL is asking for comments on the recommendations to be submitted by January 31, 2012. The MoL sees stakeholder input as a critical part of the change process.

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With a new year comes an opportunity to reflect on how we would like to live our lives. What changes we'd like to make, what improvements we'd like to see. Choosing a new direction can be exciting for some and overwhelming for others.

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