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Winner of the Blood Pressure Challenge

By Leah Warner

Blood pressure is a key indicator of your heart health. It will naturally vary from week to week and even over the course of the day! So many things that contribute to healthy blood pressure, such as walking, high fibre, low fat diets and meditation practices, also contribute to improved cholesterol, lower resting heart, and of course a healthier body max index.

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Sleep Webinar now on-line

By Leah Warner

This webinar was originally broadcast on August 11th.

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Flu Shots are a great way to protect employee health and to reduce time lost to sickness. By making it easy for employees to get the shot, employers can reduce the risk to their workforces and ensure that their employees are protected. So why should you be thinking about this now? The flu season is still months away. By understanding the process that we go through, as a vendor of health services, you will see why we need to book your clinics in the summer for delivery in the fall.

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