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"Being an EMC Member for so long ...really pays off! I couldn't have done without them" said Christine Mariotti, BASF Site Manager at BASF Plant in Smiths Falls after hosting 'A Reverse Job Fair" as their monthly EMC Strategic Interest Group (SIG) Event. Back in September 18th last year during one of our monthly SIGs that took place in Kanata; as we were doing our traditional roundtable introductions for the Members, Christine announced that her Plant in Smiths Falls will be closing in April 2014. That's when EMC offered support and started planning a 'Reverse Job Fair' near the plant closure date. After months of planning and meetings with her local EMC Field Service Advisor; on Mar 27th 2014, a 'Reverse Job Fair' turned into a GREAT SUCCESS for BASF Employees!! More to follow on this story coming up...

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