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Year in Review: Eastern Ontario Consortiums Wrapping up 2013!

By Mohammed Abo El Ella

Finally the New Year is around the corner and everyone is busy preparing for the holiday season! While 2013 is wrapping up and we have our minds full of all these great gift ideas, let's take a minute to reflect back on some of the highlights that took place in the Eastern Ontario Region for this year.

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Our new member from the Ottawa Consortium hosted an excellent Strategic Interest Group (SIG) event on Tuesday November 26th, 2013 where they shared with the group their vision when it comes to applying Continuous Improvements and productivity enhancements to their process.

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Over 50 participants from manufacturers in the Brockville / Leeds Grenville and Eastern Ontario region understand a Lean Management System (LMS) is essential to helping them better identify, manage and sustain Lean within their enterprise. They all attended the first module of EMC’s Lean Management System program!

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During the months of October and November this year 2013, Lawyers: George Vuicic, Colin Youngman, Chuck Hofley, and Cheryl Waram from Hicks Morley, Ottawa and Kingston Offices were invited by our members of Eastern Ontario Consortiums to participate in a series of events to lead a discussion regarding the legalities of issues surrounding workplace mental health illness and shift accommodations.

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