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PEI Manufacturers Explore Issues Around Absenteeism

By Joan Richard

Without exception, the challenge of managing attendance issues is one where organizations want, and need, to improve. The ability to produce and deliver efficiently and on time depends very much on whether employees, at all levels of the organization,come to work.

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One of my absolute favourite things to do is to recognize and congratulate organizations or individuals on their amazing accomplishments. EMC would like to express congratulations to Dairytown Product Ltd. of Sussex, NB for receiving the Food Marketing Institute’s SQF 2000 Level III food safety certification. Please note the following official press release;

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EMC is delighted to advise you of important changes to our Health and Safety initiatives in New Brunswick. These changes are designed to recognize the ever increasing awareness and importance of H&S to Manufacturers in the province.

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Summer efforts have been geared towards determining the needs and interest for our fall networking opportunities.We are very pleased to say that the schedule has come together well and we certainly would encourage and welcome your participation in events of your choice.

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