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Growing your business is a lot like farming. The three critical activities are seeding, cultivating and harvesting. Most of the remaining ingredients required for success are up to forces outside of your control. In the farmers’ case, it’s the market price for their crops, their input costs (seed, feed, fertilizer) and the biggest variable of them all, the weather. In the manufacturing industry, it’s raw material costs, labour costs, and the “economic climate”, which includes the market demand for their product and the availability of similar products from lower cost competitors.

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Growing Your Business, Part 2: Seeding

By Paul Hogendoorn

It’s Sunday afternoon, cold and rainy, and as I wait for the first football game to start, I look through my “seeding list”, a little list that I keep in a notebook that is always with me. My “seeding list” is comprised of names of people, companies, or opportunities that I encounter over the course of the working week that I think are worth further investigation. In my previous column, I mentioned that growing a business is a lot like farming; it requires seeding, cultivating and harvesting. This column is specifically on seeding.

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