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Photo of Daniel Rau,  MMPOffline

Make Plant Maintenance an Equal Part of the Business

By Daniel Rau, MMP

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The "Roots" and "Routes" of Leadership

By Paul Hogendoorn – 2 Comments

All leaders have roots, and the same is true with company leaders. They came from somewhere and advanced through the organization before they were eventually given the opportunity to lead. Their roots, and the route they took, have a big impact on their leadership style.

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Behavioural Based Interviewing

By Heather Coy-Robinson – 4 Comments

I decided to write my first (ever!) blog about behavaioural based interviewing. The pros, cons and methodology surrounding it.

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Heroes Next Door

By Paul Hogendoorn – 1 Comment

Sometimes we don't know how special some people in our lives really are, and when we do find out - often too late - we see the clues were there all the time.

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