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Metrics - A Missed Opportunity?

By Doug Harper – 1 Comment

Imagine a level of performance in your company that exceeded all expectations. What would it take? Putting information in the hands of those best equipped to make real-time decisions would be a good first step. Developing a culture that allowed for the most effective decisions to be made would be a great next step. When combined these two steps will leave the accountants telling you what you already know.

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By Doug Harper – 2 Comments

This article is based on an invitation that was extended to those we asked to help lead change in our organization. It speaks to the need for continual reinvention and the need for leaders that can thrive in this kind of environment.

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This article is based on a "primer" we use to introduce leaders to the change process. It's designed to create an understanding of the process itself but also speaks to the expectations of leaders in this environment.

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