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If you are on the road as much I am, you know that there are really two seasons – winter time and, of course, construction time. One could almost liken it easily enough to our business cycles as well - full speed production and of course summer and winter shutdowns. After 100’s of thousands of miles (yes hundreds) trekking back and forth across the Province visiting Processors from so many facets of industry, I have come to appreciate my silent solidarity with those big rigs that continuously deliver every imaginable product from raw materials to finished goods in our Province, in Canada, and around the world.

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Food Beverage Ontario (FBO) launched a wonderful opportunity earlier this year to foster career interest in the food and beverage industry. The contest was open to students across the Province and focused on the development of new products or improvement. This was a very exciting initiative! On behalf of EMC, our heartiest congratulations to FBO and to this year's winners!

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