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Celebrating milestones of EMC Members affords us the opportunity to reflect on a number of incredible achievements and to offer our heartiest congratulations on behalf of our Team, countless Community Partners and all of our Members across Canada! This month we are particularly pleased to pay tribute to Kisko Products in Woodbridge who are celebrating 40 years in business in 2017!

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Labour Productivity: Packaging, Labelling and Innovation – Institute of Food Processing Technology (IFPT), Conestoga College

Across the Province, Processors have often indicated that one of their key challenges was staying abreast of regulatory issues and labelling is just one component of that. As a fundamental element to ensure safe food production, distribution and consumer protection, packaging and labelling requires considerable and necessary diligence. It is without a doubt, a big job regardless of the size of the organization. Beyond the regulatory requirements though are also opportunities for branding and marketing and differentiating yourself from competitors. Packaging offers an opportunity to be creative and innovative!

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