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You can feel the excitement as soon as you walk in the door – in fact there’s a great big welcoming sign for EMC Networking Participants on the monitor and an enthusiastic Team from all facets of the business greeting you warmly, engaging in dialogue and ready to share their experiences and success! This Special Food Sector Event was all about continuous improvement projects, supervisory skill development, leadership, culture and people empowerment – all of which truly flourished for our Host TMF Foods Ltd. when they decided to train their Supervisors through the Canadian Manufacturing Network Harvard Supervisory Certificate Program.

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There is always something wonderful that comes from bringing a group of like-minded individuals together interested in learning more about how to improve or enhance programs they may have in place through experiences of others. Best practices provide the perfect learning opportunity to do just that and we were thrilled to visit with Malabar Super Spice Company with that perspective in mind as we focused on striving for excellence in food safety!

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Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Asia, China, United Kingdom, Europe, Trinidad, Jamaica, Ireland and the United States! These are just a few of the countries that Manufacturers attending our “First Steps in Food Exporting” are already tapping into. The opportunities are endless for Processors interested in exploring new markets!

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