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Appreciating the Power of Teamwork

By Bren de Leeuw – 1 Comment

Once a year our EMC family gathers as a team from across Canada to network and collaborate, seek and share information on the latest projects, hone techniques that enable us to be more efficient, effective and nimble in our offerings and to provide thought and perspective in discussion and brainstorming scenario's for future growth and development. Quite simply, like many organizations who bring their teams together whether company wide, senior management related or with a continuous improvement mindset - it's our opportunity to focus on the achievements and challenges of the past, present activities underway and to gaze into that proverbial crystal ball that opens minds regarding blue sky issues and future possibilities.

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We are very pleased to have the firm of Miller Thomson LLP joining us this fall for a very special session relating to Canadian Agribusiness and Food Law - more specifically with respect to Food Safety and Food Labelling. The Team at Miller Thomson has a wealth of information to share and we are delighted to pass along an article written by Catherine Bate, Partner, on "New Labelling Requirements for Mechanically Tenderized Beef". Our special thanks to the Team at Miller Thomson for sharing this with us!

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