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Ontario Food Exports is hosting a session in Orlando for those keen to explore the US Market - participants will be touring retailers and have the opportunity to meet with a private label expert! If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact Dean Post, Supervisor for Ontario Food Exports as per the details below.

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What happens when you combine two very timely topics with a group keenly interested in sharing experiences, practices and thoughts that might help others find success, avoid pitfalls and perhaps strategize for future opportunities? Well, that becomes a very dynamic networking event and it's exactly what transpired at Chapman's Ice Cream in Markdale earlier this month with Members and Guests of the EMC Owen Sound and Regional Consortium!

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We are very pleased to have the firm of Miller Thomson LLP joining us this fall for a very special session relating to Canadian Agribusiness and Food Law - more specifically with respect to Food Safety and Food Labelling. The Team at Miller Thomson has a wealth of information to share and as a bit of a prelude for what promises to be an extremely interesting and informative session, an excellent article on the opportunities from a National and Provincial basis with respect to Growing Forward 2 and Ontario's Local Food Act follows. Our thanks to Miller Thomson for sharing this article with us!

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