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Technically speaking, there are really six generations in the Workforce right now - each with unique characteristics and drivers that invariably add value to our organizations as a whole. Manufacturers interested in fostering engaged and motivated talent will need to create a culture that embraces differences particularly in an era of ongoing continual and exponential change. Moving forward, communication will be the key to ensure the transition of knowledge from one generation to another. Attracting, retaining and building on the experiences of current employees is essential for ongoing business longevity and competitiveness.

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Earlier this year, 260 Manufacturers, Community Partners and Service Providers met in Niagara Falls at the EMC-NRCAN Energy Summit 2014 to look at ways to manage energy more efficiently, mitigate costs where they might, review courses plotted to become more sustainable and leverage ideas about better processes, technologies, and systems from the peers on hand. A group of Manufacturers sincerely interested in paving their road to success in that regard decided to enhance their journeys through plant visits and best practice sharing - what a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in implementing or improving energy management programs and practices!

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It's a busy fall and opportunities are endless for those with a sense of adventure! If you are looking to enhance your business skills, embrace ideas shared in best practice forums, tackle challenges with the assistance of your peers, or foster relationships that might enable you to embark on a spirited journey of continuous improvement and ultimately business competitiveness, then we invite you to participate in our quest for knowledge and join us at an upcoming Food, Beverage and Bio Sector Networking Event and/or Productivity Workshop! Please click on the image below for the current publications

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