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Chudleigh's Limited in Milton is a company well-positioned in its marketplace - at capacity and growing - and successful on many levels from engagement through continuous improvement and product development initiatives, to customer service. They thought they had all the right tools, processes and methodologies in place. However, they came to realize "the trouble with success is that once you are successful it is pretty hard to stay on top." When the need to change was realized, the Chudleigh's Team determined they needed to get "Back to Basics" so they could build a company that would last in future years to come.

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A recent article in the Globe and Mail cited the importance of employee engagement. Organizations with programs in place to encourage, recognize and celebrate employee contributions to company success saw a positive financial impact on the bottom line. With skilled labour becoming more and more difficult for some sectors to source — coupled with an aging workforce — attracting, building and retaining a motivated well-trained team is becoming paramount in our ongoing efforts to remain competitive today.

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