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There's one event that I definitely enjoy attending on an annual basis - the North American Food Safety Summit. It provides me with the opportunity to learn and stay abreast of industry related issues, to connect and network with others and gain insight from key leaders. This year EMC has partnered once again with the Team at the Strategy Institute and we are both very excited to celebrate the "10th" Annual North American Food Safety Summit!

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EMC Food Sector Network: Year In Review

By Bren de Leeuw

The end of the year is a perfect time to reflect: first, to truly appreciate and be thankful for the journey, the people, the opportunities and lessons that have brought us to this point; and secondly, it affords us the time to plan and chart our next course of direction so that we can effectively navigate our businesses as a new year full of possibilities unfolds before us...

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Not unlike the weather - tempestuous at times - growing a business can have its challenges - bringing havoc and chaos to best laid plans and strategies for success - leaving us wind-blown, if you will, in a three step forward two step back scenario. Since any number of complications might develop as growth incurs, having a weather-proof cloak of solid leadership, detailed plans, clear lines of accountability, expectations and communication can certainly ready us for that potential tornado of challenges...

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