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Sustainable strategies for lean initiatives, energy management and reducing your carbon footprint! Regardless of the journey a company undertakes when it comes to being more environmentally focused, leadership remains key to driving commitment and engaging Team Members to undertake green projects and the opportunities are endless!

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Closing a plant is a huge endeavour and never an easy process. Whether because of growth or an inability to compete in today's every changing global marketplace - there are so many mitigating factors that company owners must weigh in their decisions to do the right thing. Large or small, companies form the basis of our communities and become an integral part of the fabric that makes up our towns and cities and much like a tree this trunk supports not only branches for the suppliers and customers of the organization, but also for the employees and their families, for the community perhaps by involvement in Chamber or Manufacturing Associations, for the municipality by economically contributing through taxes and utilities, and so forth... Sadly, like other plants before them, Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Brands in Peterborough recently had to make that very difficult decision.

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