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This fall, Supply Chain Management and the concept of integrating the tools of Lean Management into our Supply Chains was the focus of best practice networking events across Ontario in Woodstock, Winchester and Leamington! Excellent presentations, examples and discussion by those involved in industry left participants considering the possibilities for enhancing and developing their own Supply Chain Management programs in a number of ways.

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When it comes to Risk Management in the Food Industry, particularly in light of a very global business environment and the consumer’s ready access to news and media through internet and social networking, and ongoing new required legislation and regulations to comply with, there are constantly issues emerging that warrant consideration when companies look at developing and implementing programs in this regard.

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EMC Members from Brockville to Hamilton gathered at Blommer Chocolate Canada in Campbellford, Ontario to participate in an interactive workshop with Doug Harper, General Manager, on “Developing Employee Engagement and Accountability”!

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