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The Month of September immediately conjures up thoughts of “education” and “learning opportunities” perhaps because it traditionally represents that time when school begins, vacations are fondly remembered and work life returns to normal - we are ready, engaged and open to new ideas, processes and concepts! So in that spirit of “learning” we are extra excited to announce our line-up of special networking Events for those in the Food and Beverage Industry!

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I was delighted to attend one of a series of Events hosted by the AOFP (Alliance of Ontario Food Processors) and Conestoga College Institute of Food Processing Technology regarding the launch of their new Institute and of the Process Operator – Food Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program. Bonduelle, Strathroy also addressed those present on "Working with Apprentices" highlighting the opportunities and benefits that come from working together.

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Durham College has acknowledged the importance of food quality and the School of Science & Engineering Technology has introduced the new Food Processing Safety Techniques one-year certificate program, the only post-secondary program of its kind in the province.

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