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What does it take to remain competitive and produce innovative, high quality food products? Our Member Feature this month highlights a company who has been in business for 115 years successfully meeting the needs of an ever-changing consumer. A well branded product synonymous with delicious cookies, candies, crackers and breads – Dare Foods!

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As I inch closer to almost a decade of travelling, visiting manufacturers across the Provinces to share information on EMC Canada and our initiatives, I cannot help but look back and ponder the thousands of kms behind me or to imagine the adventure yet ahead! Without a doubt, it’s still an absolute thrill for me when one of my vehicles has an odometer about to make a milestone turning!

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Technology has allowed us to surround ourselves with tremendous capacities to source and find answers beyond our wildest dreams. For EMC Canada, transitioning to a Web 2.0 Platform has enabled us to provide a variety of means in which to reach out to peers for assistance – one of these to definitely explore and to begin utilizing is our Forum Area.

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