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Members, Community Partners and representatives from EMC Canada, enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the Global Food Safety Initiative and OMAFRA's Food Safety and Traceability Program with Paul Medeiros, Manager, Consulting Services, of the Guelph Food Technology Centre. McNairn Packaging in Whitby and Sleeman Brewing & Malting Co. Ltd. in Guelph hosted this special Food and Beverage Networking Opportunity which was open to all Manufacturers, Processors and Growers in Industry.

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Food Safety and Traceability is one of the major areas of interest for those involved in the Food and Beverage Industry. Regardless of your position as a Manufacturer, Processor, Grower, Supplier or Customer, our global economy coupled with today’s technology, consumer awareness and media interest has more than heightened awareness of implementing solid Food Safety and Traceability programs.
Our EMC Food Sector Networking Event this month, will be focusing on the Global Food Safety Initiative and we ar

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EMC Food and Beverage Manufacturers from Peterborough through Woodstock enjoyed an informative and interactive presentation on Sustaining Corporate Culture on May 27th, 2009 in Milton, Ontario. Our Guest Speakers included Doug Harper, General Manager and Corporate Director of Continuous Improvement, Blommer Chocolate Company, in Campbellford, Ontario and Jim Morris, Senior Partner, Bristlecone Learning, LLC of Bend, Oregon.

Working with 40 participants in a workshop style format, Doug and Jim shared kno

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