EMC Food Sector Network - Event Summary: Sustainability - A Business Strategy

By Bren de Leeuw – April 1, 2012
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Increasingly the topic of Sustainability is becoming an essential component of business today. It is slowly being woven into the fabric of our organizations, as we craft our corporate philosophies and vision for the future. Those who have wholeheartedly taken on a journey of this nature are working on educating their people, their suppliers and customers, their community, and their government partners and taking positive steps forward in their desire to achieve little or zero impact on the environment.


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Bren de Leeuw

Director - EMC Food, Beverage, Bio and Ag Program CanadaExcellence In Manufacturing Consortium

Bren brings with her an appreciation for the benefits that networking through EMC can bring - particularly with respect to benchmarking beyond our own organizations and sectors, thinking creatively,…


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