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Energy Market Overview - July 2014

By Margaret Harrison

The mild weather so far this summer has resulted in a decrease in both the natural gas and electricity costs.

We are seeing reduced natural gas term prices and lower electricity hedge prices moving forward.

The market had been volatile due to the requirement to fill storage prior to October 31, 2014. The milder weather and the reduction of natural gas being used for power generation has resulted in higher than average injections into storage so far this summer. If the storage levels do not meet the forecasts by the end of October we will see higher natural gas pricing over the winter months. This will also have a direct impact on the electricity prices in Ontario.

We encourage all EMC Energy Group members to look at fixing a portion of their natural gas and electricity cost for at least 2015 to protect against the possibility of higher pricing moving forward.

Please contact Margaret Harrison at 905-635-3265 or via e-mail at to set up a meeting to review current market conditions and put a strategy together for your organization.

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