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Chatham Kent SIG Event - An Enlightening Perspective

By Jeanine Lassaline-Berglund

The Chatham Kent March SIG Event showed good representation from a number of different sectors. Thanks to EMC member Enviroshake for hosting this month's event!

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Windsor Essex EMC Members Welcome Spring with a Great SIG Turnout

By Jeanine Lassaline-Berglund

Windsor Essex Members have a great turnout for the expanded SIG format introduced this month.

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What 'Biodegradable' Really Means

By Jackie Macera

Working in an industry that manufactures Metalworking Fluids, Lubricants, EDM Fluids and Concrete Form Release Agents, we are always surprised to find competing companies making claims that their products are 'Biodegradable', without really stating what that means. There are different levels of Biodegradability that consumers should know, before they buy.

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