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Moving? - Don’t take your problems with you…

By Gabriela Bernardo

Do this before you move into new buildings, departments, floors...

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What do you do when a Ministry of Labour Inspector knocks at your door? You let him in, and trust that your workplace will be a safer environment when he leaves. What do you do when he speaks at a SIG? You pepper him with questions and bless your stars that you’re not the subject of one of his anecdotes.

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Timing Is Everything

By Cat Haggert

Ask most people, and they’d tell you that purchasing is all about buying things. Participants at the June 9 SIG beg to differ, saying that purchasing has to do with timing—getting materials into production with a minimum of lead time.

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As Slippery As a Fish in Water

By Cat Haggert

KPIs. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t manage without ‘em. When we tried to nail down some shop-floor KPIs, EMC members found the discussion sliding into safety, finance, training, customer inquiries, and more. But what the heck, all those things are necessary to move product out the door.

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