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Change Management and Culture Change

By Laura Gibson – 1 Comment

The discussion focused on creating a culture change in both union and non-union environments. Some great suggestions for implementing change were discussed.

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Job Sharing - A way to do more with less

By Tim Smith

Given the economic tsunami that many manufacturers have been experiencing over the past 6-12 months it has become necessary to cut their workforce. But business needs to continue...the challenge is how to be able to satisfy customer needs and meet projected sales targets or project demands in the near future while having to trim your workforce to maintain sustainability.

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The Burlington/Oakville and Milton Consortium got together for an engaging roundtable discussion on Training Effectiveness and Knowledge Transfer in their workplaces on April 9th.

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Hamilton CI SIG for April was hosted by Siemens Canada Fossil Power Generation Division. A great example of a large scale organization and their success on a lean journey.

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