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Honda of Canada Manufacturing works in 3D!

By Margaret Law

Thank you to Honda of Canada Manufacturing and Lisa Cooper for the tour of their Plant 1 facility.
In less than 24 hours, every spot was taken for this SIG. The weather held out for us and everyone made it to Alliston with time to spare. We even managed to do our “round table introductions” in the waiting room.

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Risk=The possibility of events or activities impeding the achievement of an organizations strategic and operational objectives.
Different types of risk in your processes
Categorizing different types of process failures
Determining appropriate controls

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Owen Sound & Area’s Human Resource SIG focused on 2016 AODA requirements and compliance. As you may know, what you need to have done and what you should be working on this year depends upon how many employees you have. As it was, we had representatives from members within each bracket: 1-49 and 50+.

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