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The Purpose, Role, and Value of a Quality Department

By Stephanie Yakimishyn

This topic was the source of a great deal of discussion at the Barrie/Midland and Area Quality & Production Strategic Interest Group session on February 10th.

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It has been a while since I wrote about the very dynamic, intelligent, masters of change of whom the Barrie/Midland IT Strategic Interest Group is composed.

If you have contemplated buying a new electronic device (for work or for your home), you have, probably, gone through the decision exercise of “do I buy it now or do I wait a couple of months until the latest version of the operating system, phone gadgets, curved screen, flexible screen, etc. comes out?”

Companies are dealing with change at a more and more rapid pace – just Google Change Management and you will see many articles, papers, vendors, etc. all devoted to dealing with and managing change.

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