Celebrating 20 Years

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We believe every investment in team building should be aligned with our core values and be designed to renew the team's energy and create new ideas and opportunities for our members

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EMC’s manufacturing membership is COAST-to-COAST (British Columbia through to Newfoundland and Labrador), with a total manufacturing audience that includes 40,000+ employers and 800,000 manufacturing employees!

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All SIG Events are structured to help members continuously improve their processes, and you can attend a SIG in any consortium region!
Still as true today as the first SIG event 20 years ago!

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Effective February 5th, 2018 the following appointments to the EMC Board of Directors will commence. Jim McCoubrey as Director, Board of Directors; Al Diggins as Chair of the Board, Treasurer and General Manager of EMC; and Shawn Casemore, President of EMC.

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Members of EMC are always willing to Share with others - Manufacturers all around you are dealing with the same things right now.
They are on your street, in your town or in your region and they produce a whole range of products.

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Our Stability Means Your Success

By Al Diggins

As we enter the second half of our 20th anniversary celebration, I’ve taken some time to reflect back on our history. Over nearly three decades [10 years informally] we have developed thousands of trusted relationships with manufacturers across Canada and have established over 60 consortiums regions and still growing!

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Networking and best practice sharing are still powerful topics for Food Manufacturers in EMC's Food, Beverage & Bio Sector Initiative

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#pieface #GIVE-IT-TO-ME #past-to-present
In 2000 an audience & volunteers participated as a workforce that attempted to succeed with the old ‘Batch Processing/Push System’.

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By Cori Hanna

EMC Team Building Experience Looks at Creating High Performance Leaders
EMC Canada Staff Team Day Builds Communication #throwbackthursday #2006

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    And we are still going strong as a safety group sponsor in 2017 and preparing for 2018!
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