2017 Holiday Greetings!

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"The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades."
— John P. Kotter. Leading Change

I believe the above statement truly reflects today’s manufacturing. At the end of December, I have been a Field Service Advisor (FSA) with EMC for 5 months. I have had the opportunity to visit many members, tour their facilities, facilitate SIG’s and attend SIG’s outside of my region.

Meeting with members and understanding their challenges has given me a great insight into where manufacturing is going. Discussing members best practices and lessons learned has given me additional insight into what can be accomplished to meet today’s challenges.

As the manufacturing world changes, so does EMC. In the past few months I have learned why EMC was created, why programs are implemented and why we have specialists within the team…IT IS ALL FOR YOU!

Highlights from 2017: Crystal Fountains hosted members and talked to their best practice: Quality Management System. What an amazing company and quality process! Marela Vucic, Director-HR for ABM North America reviewed their temporary worker orientation package with us and they definitely make their workers feel welcome from day 1. The aging workforce and creating & sustaining a safety culture was presented by Polyone Canada and IMBC Blowmolding; 2 great Orangeville, ON companies! We ended the year with GRIT! Vy Huong from i3 International presented GRIT - Persistence and Perseverance and how it can apply not only to your workforce but to your family life as well.

To end 2017, I would like to say THANK YOU! Thank you to EMC for providing an opportunity for me to represent a great company, thank you to EMC’s support group located at our Head Office in Owen Sound (you are all amazing!), thank you to EMC’s members for opening their doors and sharing their stories and thank you to my family for supporting me through this journey.


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Knock Knock
Who's there?
Honda who?
Honda first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, a partridge in a pear tree!

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I wish all of our members in the Windsor/Essex and Chatham/Kent consortiums the happiest holidays, a wonderful end to 2017, and an exuberant start to 2018!

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Happy Holidays Eastern Ontario Manufacturers!

By Jamie Couvieau

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EMC Nova Scotia ….. Looking Back at 2017

By Glenn Durnford

As we approach the Holidays and 2018 it is a good time to reflect and look back at what took place in the past 365 days.

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It’s true!

Time flies when you’re having fun (and as you get older!).

Can you believe that another year has just zipped past?

Another successful year that is. Our Strategic Interest Group sessions were many as were the topics discussed and thoughts, ideas, documents, and presentations shared.

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Another Year coming to an end….

By Joan Richard

It really is amazing how quickly a year can pass and my hope is that it has been a good one for all. Through our activity this year, our goal has been to support ‘people’; to make their jobs a little easier and to make them successful within their organizations.

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2017 ... It was another year of inspiring Strategic Interest Group events with best practice sharing, learning from each other’s experiences, and fantastic plant tours!

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2017 in EMC’s Northern Ontario consortiums

By Kevin Lenko

EMC membership in Northern Ontario continued to increase during 2017!

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London/Oxford Consortium 2017 Year In Review

By Jason Bates

Even though 2017 was a very busy year. In some cases, a record year for many London/Oxford Manufacturers, what sticks out for me most was the closing of two large local Plants. It is a always tough to see a Plant close, throwing people out of work. In 2017 we saw the large Siemens Wind Blade Plant in Tillsonburg and the venerable Firestone Plant in Woodstock close.

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