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Although much attention has been focused on the increase to the provincial minimum wage, it is important to note that Bill 148 introduced many additional amendments and with marijuana in the workplace only months away, yesterday's presentation, located in Brampton, was pertinent.

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February 14, 2018

Effective Leaders Have a Coach

Cindy StradlingThe Learning Centre

It’s not uncommon for young leaders to make certain to have a mentor to help guide them through some of the new challenges of leadership. As leaders mature, however, they are more likely to be mentoring others rather than having a mentor of their own. However, at any stage in leadership, it is valuable to have a mentor or coach to whom you can turn to help you develop even further.

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February 13, 2018

Risk Based Thinking

To cross the road I may go directly, or I may use a nearby footbridge. Crossing the road directly gives me an opportunity to reach the other side quickly, but if I take that opportunity there is an increased risk of injury from moving cars.

What did I just demonstrate?

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